If you're like many job seekers, chances are good that your resume hasn't really grown up since college. Have you moved on, taken a new job or two, learned some new skills, and simply continued to add the new experiences to the list?

Could someone mistake your resume for a laundry list? Is it blender worthy? EBook_Graphic

I'm pleased to announce that I am serving as a consultant to Microsoft Office Live's "My Resume Talks Campaign" which is hosted on Facebook through the end of the month. Today, Microsoft released my free e-book, "Has Your Resume Graduated from College? Five Strategies for Finding a Job in Today's Economy" on the campaign website. Visit us on Facebook, or download it here through this site.

Then tell me what you think. Do you have additional strategies to share that I may have missed?

As always, thanks for reading.

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P.S. If you have time, do check out Kevin Connolly's resume in a blender routine on the Microsoft Live site--it's all good stuff!