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Ever applied for a job and never heard back?

Worked in a job that feels like writing in your non-dominant hand?

Do you keep adding information to the resume you started in college?

We can help.

Best Fit Forward is a boutique provider of private career management and consulting services.

We research hiring trends. We interview recruiters on how they hire. We share our knowledge.

Ever notice how the hardest person to describe is yourself -- even if you're confident you can do a great job?

We help you push through the awkward phase of finding the right words. We like to say we help our clients find a voice that tells the story of their careers -- so that they can get heard.

Our goal is to help you identify your ideal job -- and what makes you uniquely qualified to do it. 

We help you craft a message that shows your unique value -- and show how that aligns with the needs of your next employer. After all, landing a job is always a dance between what you offer -- and what the employer needs. Part of this dance is deciding what to share and what not to share.

We can help you build your reputation -- on and offline -- without compromising personal privacy. 

Ask us how we've helped our clients land unadvertised opportunities at career fairs, get promoted, and turn rejection into a job offer.

Want to get started? Ask us anything. Read our blog. Or sign up for a free 15 minute consultation.

Let's get your career into high gear!

Meet Chandlee


Like most of the job seekers I work with, the story of my career extends beyond Plan B. The common thread: I've always enjoyed connecting job seekers with opportunity and studying hiring trends.


You can check out my full bio over on LinkedIn. (Or this inteview I did with Glassdoor or this one with CNN.) Here's my unofficial bio.


First Job in High School: Frame Shop
Cutting glass and metal was not my forte, but I learned that the frame you put around something often helps make the sale. (This also works in job search.)

First Internship: Editing a Phone Book At the end of the summer, my boss was kind enough to point out that the phone book was the Corporate Telecommunications Directory for a Fortune 100. Sounds more impressive, doesn't it? See the value of framing?

First Job Post College: Editing Rocket Science with the American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics. I wanted to write books, so I pursued a career in publishing and took the first editorial assistant job I could find, only to discover that attitude was different from altitude. I transferred to another department where I helped organize professional development programs for rocket scientists. I liked it so much I applied to grad school to study career development. Lesson learned: Sometimes the wrong first job can still lead you in the right direction.

After Grad School: Ten years in college career offices + a year as a recruiter
Worked as a career advisor to  students and alumni of Ivy League schools, collaborating with amazing colleagues and visiting very cool employers -- from the Supreme Court and the State Department to the likes of Google, Boeing and Apple. Cprw

Never tired of asking employers what they look for, and worked briefly as a recruiter to get the inside perspective of how hiring works inside companies.

2008: Founded Best Fit Forward after earning certification as a professional resume writer from the Professional Association of Resume Writers (2006).

Launched a full time private practice serving individuals and corporate clients in July 2008.

Got certified as a Career Management Coach in 2010. 
Spent much of the first year learning from my peers, and offered the opportunity to write a book with two of my mentors, Deb Dib (career coach to CEOs) and CCMC_Logo Susan Whitcomb (author of top-selling book) Resume Magic.


The Twitter Job Search Guide was published in March 2010 (JIST 2010).

2008 - 2011: Continue to keep a close ear on understanding job seeker needs and how people hire:

  • Since April 2008, I've served as one of the organizers for the NYC Job Seekers Meet-up group of over 1400 job seekers.
  • In 2009, I reviewed over 200 resumes from across the U.S. as the only "Resume Specialist" for Microsoft Office Live's 'My Resume Talks" campaign.
  • I've am a part-time Community Manager for StartWire, a free service for job seekers founded by recruiting industry veterans. Every week I interview a recruiter for a company with over 1,000 employees. You can see the interviews here.

    I also serve as a consultant for colleges, non-profits, and companies on hiring and career management.

    Speaking engagements for 2011 include The Career Management Alliance, RiseSmart, The Academies Career BootCamp, Women for Hire, and Career Directors International.

Outside of work, I enjoy listening to -- and telling stories. 

That's my story. How can I help you shape yours?

Best Fit Forward

Best Fit Forward is a boutique provider of career management communication and consulting services.We help a limited number of private clients design and implement career marketing campaigns.

Career Marketing

Resumes | Bios | Collateral (Cover Letters | Thank You Notes)

Online Identify | LinkedIn Profiles | Social Media 

We also provide suggestions and strategy for job search optimization. 

Job Search Strategy:

Applying for Jobs |  Market Positioning | Networking 

Focus: Saving time and getting a better return on effort.

Throughout our work, we pay special attention to your online presence as well as your privacy: We provide guidance on what to share and what not to share on and off-line as you monitor and build your reputation. After all, it's rarely good idea to say you're looking for a job in a public forum if you're already employed. And great employees lose their jobs everyday for inadvertently revealing details that "sell well in a resume" but organizations don't want shared in a resume.

We use a structured assessment process that provides a gauge of your current and ideal style of approaching problems, degree of interaction with people, pace and tolerance for rules. To see what makes our services unique, click here.

Want to learn more? Click on the "How Can We Help You?" button in the lower right hand corner of this page and let us know what you need. You can also sign up for a free 20 minute career consultation through our calendar.

If we can't help you -- or we are not the best match -- we'll provide you with the name of one of our trusted, rockstar colleagues. Thanks for stopping by! 



Want to Write a Cover Letter in Six Tweets?

My junior year of high school, I drove a tank car that I tried to hide in the parking lot. It had a sticker on the back of the Boynton bears saying, "My other car is a Rolls." It belonged to my parents, and was almost as old as I was. It was the medium-size model of a Chevrolet station wagon, but it occupied a city block more than a full lane when I drove down the street. The car was an eyesore, and refused to be hidden. People noticed it.


Just as you pay more for gas if you have a big car, you may pay the price if you apply for jobs with a very long cover letter. It's quite possible that no one will read your work. 

I'm going to borrow a writing style I've adapted from Twitter, and teach you how to write a cover letter in seven six tweets (messages of 140 characters or less). This is my gift to you because writing a cover letter is like going to the dentist no one likes to write cover letters.

(T1) Objective:  Write cover letter with the employer in mind, focus on their needs--not yours.Answer four questions, they want to know:

  1. (T2) Where did you find my listing? Do you know anyone here? Recruiters care about hiring and marketing. Let them know how you found them.
  2. (T3) What position are you applying for? How do your skills and experience align with the position?

  3. (T4) Why this opportunity? Why do you want to work here--and in this job? Share knowledge. Show that you've done homework.

  4. (T5) How can I follow-up with you?

(T6) These are the essentials. Your letter should be clear, concise and address each topic. Suggested format: write a paragraph on each point.

Practice writing a letter in this format a few times, and you'll find that you have a cover letter that almost writes itself. Have a hard time with addressing the line up between skills and a job? Get help from someone else--a career counselor, a hiring manager, or someone who enjoys the process...You can even contact me.

After you've done this a few times, you should have the format down. (
There's also an alternative version of this in the book I wrote, The Twitter Job Search Guide, as well as suggestions on how to write your resume in tweets.)

To Your Success,