Get Out and Do Things. With People. By Sarah Streit, Assistant Director, Dartmouth College Career Services

Yes, networking is really that simple. There doesn't need to be a perfect "networking" formula to follow. Simply, just get out there and chat with people.

Setting up informational interviews is a great way to gain knowledge on various occupations, researching graduate programs, and network with professionals. With this approach you will want to have more of a "professional" style. You will want to go prepared with a few questions, keeping in mind the goal of what you would like to get out of this interview. For a list of great questions, and guide on networking, visit:

Networking doesn't have to be that formal. It can be chatting it up with someone next to you on a plane, striking up a conversation while in line at a coffee shop, talking to friends' parents when they visit. Don’t worry, there's no neon sign above your head blinking "Beware: Networker on the prowl". It's casual, it's simple, it's networking!

How to Network: Get Out and Do Things. With People. is a fun quick read on this phenomenon we call Networking. "Whatever you hope to get out of networking—mentoring, referrals, clients, friends—here is the only real formula: Get out and do things. With people."