I live in Manhattan, where the "Wall Street" swagger seems to havebeen replaced with a shuffle.News of layoffs across sectors,  an increasing rate of college grads in unemployment lines, and empty storefronts, have led to more than one reference to "Chicken Little's" proclamation: "The Sky is Falling."Disney-Chicken-Little-Sky-Falling

It's easy to shrug your shoulders, discount your chances of finding work, and give up. But that's not a productive strategy, and it won't help you land on your feet any faster--in fact, it may slow you down.

I take lessons from my former supervisor, Patricia Rose, Director of Career Services at the University of Pennsylvania. Pat is one of the most visionary, forward thinking people I know. Her response to the challenging market? "The job search is a process not a transaction." I'm inclined to agree.

Diligent research, strong positioning for opportunities, and proactive outreach can yield results in any market. The duration of the job search may take longer, offers may come with a less attractive compensation package, and you may land a contract position before you get a full-time job. But all is not lost: just look to the sky, it's still firmly in place. And, as per the message in a Parisian shopping bag "Le ciel est à tout le monde": The sky belongs to everyone.

Let me know how I can help you in your search.

All the Best,