So you're supposed to start your job here


But you find yourself lost here two full days before your first day.


You can't find your cell phone. You can't feel your legs. You ache. Your car is upside down and smashed.  And time passes from day to night. You drink swamp water because it's the only thing you can do. And you wait to be found because you can't drag yourself any farther.
This is the situation Thomas Wopat-Moreau found himself in earlier this week. A 2009 graduate of William & Mary, Thomas missed his first day of work at Barclay's on Tuesday. He was stranded in a forest after his car veered off road and catapulted over 475 feet through the woods early Sunday morning.

He landed upside down. Crawled out of his car, made it 150 feet before he could go no further, and survived on swamp water for four days. On the fourth day---thanks to a weak cell phone signal and efficient police work, he was found. According to news reports, he has no feeling in his legs and is suffering from internal injuries...but he was healthy enough to respond to his rescuers and to ask for a drink of water. You can read the full story here.

If you were Thomas, how would you talk to Barclay's?
If you were Barclay's, how would you handle a new hire who went AWOL before the first day but who physically couldn't get to work? How would you handle a new set of physical challenges that did not exist when the offer was extended?

I'm interested in hearing the perspectives of both recent grads and "early careerists" as well as the HR perspective. Please weigh in!

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