I'm pleased to be participating in Job Action Day for the second consecutive year. Through Job Action Day, you can find a spate of career advice designed to help you jump start your job search or stimulate your own career management--regardless of your current employment status.  Job_action_day 

This year, the theme for Job Action day is "environmental jobs" and my friends at the Career Collective and I are painting the web green with information on trends in " sustainable jobs." We've been challenged to present strategies providing workers and job seekers with information, ideas and concrete steps to secure their futures in a changed economy.

I spent eight years working inside the Ivory Tower. My friends kid me that sometimes I have the tendency to "go academic in my blog." Today, I'm showcasing my inner geek and enjoyment of raw data. Where's the best place to find a secure future?

Make sure you know where to go: Study the trends and demand for workers at both the senior and entry-level!

Here's a chart I put together comparing the "war for talent" in the c-suite (where executive recruiters receive their business) and starting salaries.

Top Industry Growth by Search Firm (ExecuNet)

Five Highest Starting Salaries by Major (NACE)



Clean/Green Technology



Business Services

Chemical Engineering $64,902

Computer Engineering $61,738

Computer Science $61, 407

Electrical Engineering $60,125

Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering $58,358

Think this is a new trend that came in with the Obama administration? Not a chance...Take a look at the numbers for the last four years here.

My recommendation for Job Action Day? Before you start a job search, talk to at least three people who work in your intended field or job search function of interest. Find out:

  • The skills you need
  • The projected hiring outlook
  • How can you strengthen your skills to meet the needs of your intended field and job function?

Then, position yourself for the market to show that you can meet these needs!

That's my tip for Job Action Day, I'm off to read the others from my friends at the Career Collective. Check it out:

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