Dressing up for interviews is important -- regardless of whether you're interviewing with a start-up, a grad school, or a Fortune 50! Here's a short piece from Lindsay Olson at U.S. News on 10 Wardrobe Musts for your Next Interview. If you've yet to find that perfect interview suit -- or your wallet says "not right now," you may want to check out local consignment stores from the Pink Alligator to Listen. Also, this Friday and Saturday, October 19 and 21, the nearly New Consignment sale will feature some of the finest used clothes in the Upper Valley at Norwich's Tracy Hall. And did we mention the fabulous sale racks at Talbots, Rare Essentials and Rare Essentials for Men in Hanover?

A good dry cleaning and tailor can do wonders!  So can that free bang trim at J.C. Penney in West Lebanon, just a few steps away from Sephora.