Summer Internship:

Applied Value is currently looking to fill Summer 2012 internship positions.  Dates are flexible but roughly June-August 2012.  This is posted on Dartboard (Job ID #12287) as well as Thayerlink – please submit resume via Dartboard/Thayerlink or email  Ideally the candidate should be a Junior (13).

Please submit resumes by midnight end of the day Monday March 5th.

I am an ’07 Dartmouth AB Engineering, ’07 Thayer BE and am currently a Manager at Applied Value after starting since I graduated in 2007.  A few great benefits of AV are the following:

  • Small boutique firm with low internal bureaucracy
  • Working closely to Seniors, flat organization
  • Group companies: Investments in public & private companies
  • Growing company with entrepreneurial opportunities and fast track career growth
  • Travel intensive with biannual company Offsites (South Africa, Europe, Iceland, etc)
  • Work hard, play hard mentality (Intelligent, hard-working, social consultants)
  • Immediate client interaction and hands-on learning

For more information on the position please check DartBoard or Thayerlink.