If you are seeking an entry-level position, one of the best ways to get ahead is to have strong computer skills that you can offer employers--especially if you develop an advanced knowledge of widely used applications such as Microsoft Office 2007.

Microsoft has announced a "The Ultimate Steal" for the "Ultimate Version" of their Office 2007 software; for a "limited time" the software can be downloaded for $59.95 from their website by current students of authorized educational institutions. I have no affiliation with Microsoft; I simply think this is a *very* good deal. (The Ultimate version includes Access, Publisher, and Accounting Express, retail value for the Home and Student version is $149 and doesn't have these applications. If you're not a current student, you can download a free trial version of MS office 2007 for 60 days from the Microsoft website.)

Whether or not this is a good deal for you, here's another: YouTube hosts scores of free training videos which can help you sharpen your computer skills. Need to take a test on your computer skills or figure out quick tips for a particular task on the fly? Search for the video. Many corporations and aspiring and professional software trainers offer training clips...these can help you prepare for those interviews that include a bit of software proficiency testing. (Just search on what you need to know.)