Interested in working at various non-profit organizations throughout the state of Vermont? Check out the Vermont Youth Tomorrow (VYT) A*VISTA Program for numerous year-long (2013-2014) opportunities to engage with and foster youth involvement in the community americorps_vista_jpgand to tackle social issues. Vermont Youth Tomorrow A*VISTA Program (2013-2014)

AmeriCorps VISTA (A*VISTA) members serve at nonprofit agencies, schools, and municipalities that tackle important social issues to alleviate poverty. By focusing on mobilizing resources and building organizational capacity, VYT A*VISTA members help low-income youth succeed academically, develop job skills, receive healthy meals, learn about sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship, and become actively involved in their communities.

VYT A*VISTA members serve a year long term (8/5/2013-8/8/2014) and receive a monthly living allowance: $1,069 for Chittenden, Franklin, and Grand Isle Counties (sites located in Burlington, Richmond, So. Burlington, Swanton, Williston, & Winooski); $946 for sites located in Vermont’s other counties.  Members may place qualified student loans into forbearance during service and receive a $5,550 education award or $1,500 cash stipend after successful completion of the program.  The program also offers a health plan as well as a child care subsidy, for those who are eligible.  For more information about the VYT A*VISTA program, please visit:

Anyone interested in applying can go to the main website at

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Click “Advanced Search”

For Program Type, Choose VISTA

For State, Choose VERMONT

For Program Name, type VYT

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