Interested in pursuing a career in the performing arts and/or political activism? Leese is the founder of Strike Anywhere, an education and performance ensemble that promotes free-thinking and greater social awareness through politically-charged original works. As a freelance artist, Leese’s work has included working with an experimental theatre company, performing Shakespearean roles, and playing the Lakota flute with the Wendy Osserman Dance Company.

A long-time core improvising actor with the Walter Thompson Orchestra, Leese also helped them adapt Soundpainting, the live-composing sign language, for theater. In addition to her work with Strike Anywhere, Leese is a freelance a teaching artist at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and Manhattan's Roundabout Theatre. A past member of the board of Directors for the Network of Ensemble Theatres, her work has been featured on NPR, Radio France and U.S. television.

Leese joined us via Skype for a conversation on Monday, April 1, 2013.  Please check back for an audio recording of the session.