Finally landed that summer internship but now wondering how to go about finding a place to live? Come into the Center for Professional Development Office, located at 63 S. Main (2nd floor of the Bank of America building), and check out our housing binder for your all-inclusive guide to securing rental housing for your leave and/or summer term. The binder includes everything from approximate housing costs to the types of housing to consider to suggestions about how to find a roommate. It will also provide you with useful tips and resources for securing housing in specific cities and locations, including information on renting apartments abroad.

If your summer plans will bring you to New York City or Boston, make sure you check out options that will allow you to lease space without paying a broker's fee. One website that provides this information is Educational Housing Services; but you can find other good resources in our office.

Don't forget to reach out to family, friends, and alumni in your search for apartment rentals as well. Never hurts to say, "Hey, you were in Boston last summer? Where did you live and how did you find your place?"