At the time of this writing, public transit systems are closed in New York, DC, and Philadelphia. So is the stock market. And employers who were scheduled to be interviewing on-campus this week at Dartmouth have cancelled.

If you're in the midst of an internship or post-grad job search, and don't hear back from an employer as anticipated this week -- be patient. If you need to get back to an employer and can't reach them via phone, chances are good their offices are closed. Take a deep breath...organizations in the storm's path are focusing on the health and safety of their employees and operations first and foremost. These organizations will be back online when the power's back on -- and the winds and rain have ceased. We anticipate that some deadlines will be extended in light of the storm.

If you are participating in our on-campus recruiting program and have any questions or a situation you'd like help with feel free to email us at