careertips13-150x150Think you may want to attend graduate school after college?  Looking for more information about which schools and programs best suit your interests?  Idealist is hosting graduate school fairs this fall where interested seniors can meet representatives from a range of schools and ask questions about their respective institutions! The fairs will take place at major cities across the country and run from September 16 through November 7.  The Boston graduate school fair is scheduled for September 25, so mark your calendar now! Currently representatives from 176 graduate institutions have signed up to attend.

Never been to a graduate school fair? Here are a few tips for attendees:

1. Check which schools are attending

Looking to compare schools from a specific geographic location or offering a specialized program?  Make sure the schools you are most interested in are attending the graduate school fair you plan to attend.

2. Dress in business casual attire

Representatives will likely not remember exactly what you are wearing, but they may remember if you are the only attendee outfitted in your favorite band’s t-shirt, ripped jeans and flip-flops.  Think ahead about the details if you are traveling longer distances – you will want to remember proper shoes and a garment bag.

3. Pack a bag, business cards, and notepad

You’ll need a way to carry pamphlets you collect from schools, and if you have business cards, they can prevent you from filling out the same contact information forms for multiple schools.  You’ll also want a notepad to jot down information about schools and programs or to log contact information for representatives in case you have follow-up questions.

4. Leave your resume at home

It will be better for you to submit this information when you apply to a school and can tailor your work experience to the programs that you are interested in.

5. Remember buffer time

Plan to get lost, not be able to find parking or miss a connecting train.  If you give yourself extra time, none of these mix-ups will throw you off or cause you to miss the graduate school fair!

Tips adapted from Idealist's "Tips for Grad Fair Attendees"