Photo courtesy of U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service Already missing your STRIPs hiking mates?  Want to be outdoors for your off-term to do service work or research?  Here are some helpful tips for all of the above!

Dartmouth Opportunities

The first place to look is DartBoard.  Log into the career service’s internship database and search keywords like “environment” in order to find opportunities that match your interest.  You can also change your account preferences on DartBoard to receive email updates about opportunities in this field.  Click “My Account” and “My Profile,” then scroll down to the additional information section to subscribe.

Next, try reaching out to Dartmouth alumni involved in environmental work.  Check out the general Dartmouth Alumni Network page, the Dartmouth Green Alumni page, and the Majors to Careers page. Shoot alumni a quick email for information about what they do in their position or advice about getting started in the field.

Finally, check relevant department pages for updates about alumni visiting campus, research positions, and job postings! Also, be sure to look through the webpages of program offices like the Dickey Center for International Understanding, Rockefeller Center, and Tucker Foundation for upcoming internships offered through those organizations.


Using DartBoard, you can gain access to a wide range of job databases sorted by career field.  Once you are logged in, click “Internships” then “Links by Careers.”  Choose “Environment” for general information about how to pursue a career in this field, a list of relevant organizations and resources, and a listing of job databases.  If you have any trouble navigating this site, stop into the career services office during drop-in hours for help.


Again in DartBoard, select “Internships” and “Links by Careers,” but now select “International.”  This will bring you to a page with a wide range of opportunities abroad, including a listing of environmental job postings.  This page also contains helpful information about how to apply and receive funding for international positions.  Stop by our office at 63 South Main Street for further assistance!