Dream of taking Conan O'Brian's place on Late Night TV or joining SNL? Have a knack for tickling your friends' funny bones, but confused as to where to use those skills during your leave-term? Check out this piece on 25 places where leading comedians interned (courtesy of  Huffington Post) . Take a look at the type of internships your favorite funny people -- including Dartmouth alum Mindy Kaling --  used to break into the biz. Although some may seem fitting, you may be surprised by the types of internships these stars chose in order to start their venture into the entertainment industry.

As you embark on your own internship search, don't rule out opportunities that don't appear to be a direct path from internship to career. As demonstrated by these comedy stars, it isn't always the internship itself that leads you to your dream job, but rather the experiences and connections you gain along the way.

In addition to internship listings on Dartboard, you may want to start your search by scouting out potential alums to talk to. Check out Dartmouth Alumni in Entertainment and Media (DAEMA), a great network of alumni who can help you get connected.