Environment America is a federation of 29 state-based environmental groups.  Each year, Environment America hires passionate, talented and committed college graduates to join our two-year Fellowship Program.  Environment America is hiring for regional field organizers as well as staff for our 29 state groups. Students hired as fellows with Environment America:

·  Plan and run their own campaigns.

·  Research and identify effective solutions to critical environmental problems.  Fellows build and mobilize the political power it takes to make those solutions a reality.

· Lobby lawmakers; publish opinion pieces in major newspapers and on key websites; set up and speak at news conferences; organize town hall meetings and rallies; and run citizen outreach campaigns to educate the public, build membership and raise money for our work.  And fellows recruit interns, activists, and staff to work alongside you.

· Bottom line: Fellows make a real difference.

· And fellows get the training they need to make that difference.  Fellows attend classroom-style trainings throughout the year, and work alongside some of the nation’s top environmental advocates and organizers, and learn the most through hands-on experience.  

The fellowship is just the beginning.  After just two years of hard work, fellows have the skills and experience to take on even more leadership here at Environment America or elsewhere in the environmental community.

Students can apply by emailing a resume & coverletter to sbucci@environmentamerica.org or online here.