To be an Educator is to have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people.  To teach in the K-12 classroom public school systems require specialized educational programs.  Outside the ‘traditional’ classroom there are many opportunities to engage in Educational behaviors with extremely fulfilling results.  Below please find different ways to engage in Educational pursuits both traditionally and non-traditionally.

  1. Sports & Arts in School Foundation – NYC
  2. Teach for Kentucky
  3. Teach for China
  4. JET:  Japan Exchange and Teaching Program
  5. Teach for All
  6. School Spring  (job search website specific to Education)
    1. McREL – Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (a private, 501 (c)(3) education research and development corporation)

Sports & Arts in School Foundation – NYC Performing Arts Intern SASF's MISSION: To help bridge the academic performance gap among under-achieving students by extending the school day and year with wholesome, skill-building activities designed to improve New York City children’s academic performance, health and wellness, attitude towards school, self-confidence, character and values, and opportunity for lifelong employment (

The Assistant Teacher Internship is an amazing opportunity for college students, with little or no teaching experience, who want to explore a career in education and the performing arts. Assistant Teacher interns are exposed to best practices in education reform, gain hands-on experience in the classroom assisting teachers and learn about the administration. Throughout the year, teacher interns will take on more responsibility. By the end of the year, teacher interns will have gained a great deal of knowledge and experience that they can use when they begin to seek full-time teaching positions, or other positions in education and/or the performing arts, or graduate studies.

Teach for Kentucky The mission of Teach Kentucky is to recruit and attract highly-motivated young people to teach in our public schools, thus enhancing the quality of education for our students and enhancing our civic life by retaining these young teachers in Kentucky. ( The sponsors of Teach Kentucky have high expectations for the participants both in the quality of their contribution as teachers, and in their impact and contribution to the community as a whole. All Teach Kentucky participants are expected to be:

· Determined to be a role model for students to emulate · Devoted to the education of all students · Dedicated to developing their teaching skills · Display their high content knowledge · Ambassadors for the value of high quality education · Ambassadors for the Teach Kentucky community

Teach for China Established in 2008, Teach For China (TFC) is inspired by the vision that one day, all Chinese children will have access to a quality education.  In the short-term, Teach For China’s Fellows are placed in full-time, two-year teaching commitments at under-resourced schools, where they meet the pressing need for exceptional educators.  In the long-term, Teach For China supports its alumni – equipped with the experience, conviction, and insight that comes from leading children to fulfill their potential – to be a force for change, working from across sectors to expand educational opportunity. (

JET:  Japan Exchange and Teaching Program The 2012 Application will be available in mid to late October. The deadline will be extended accordingly.  ( The Japan Exchange and Teaching Program seeks to help enhance internationalization in Japan by promoting mutual understanding between Japan and other nations. The program also aims to improve foreign language education in Japan and to encourage international exchange at the local level by fostering ties between Japanese youth and foreign youth. The objectives of the program are being achieved by offering JET Program participants, (hereinafter, participants) the opportunity to serve in local government offices as well as public and private elementary schools, junior high and senior high schools.

Teach for All Teach for All is a global network of independent social enterprises that are working to expand educational opportunity in their nations by enlisting their most promising future leaders in the effort.  We aspire to the vision that one day, all children will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education. (

School Spring General website to search for educational jobs in USA & International; check out the opportunities available to those with a minimum Bachelor’s degree. (

McREL – Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning McREL is a private, 501 (c)(3) education research and development corporation. That’s our standard, legal definition—but it doesn’t capture who we really are: A committed staff of research and education experts working every day to help educators change the odds for success for all students.  (

Today, inside McREL’s headquarters in Denver, Colorado, and McREL's Pacific Center for Changing the Odds in Honolulu, Hawaii, you’ll find experienced researchers and education consultants working together to provide educators with research-based, practical guidance on the issues and challenges facing K−16 education. Our staff creates and delivers: