As summer terms exams end and we prepare for the fall term to start, there's a bit more time available than usual to pause and reflect on recent experience: What did you like? And what did you not like? During the rush of internship and job applications, it's easy to forget that the job search process is actually one of mutual selection: You get to pick your employer just as your employer gets to pick you.

What are you looking for in a company culture? Would you prefer to work for a company that keeps a hawkish focus on keeping proprietary information confidential, or a company with an open door policy known for transparent leadership?

Want real-life examples of both? On the privacy side, take a look at the Apple-Samsung battle over intellectual property. Apple's super strict privacy policies are legendary -- many of their employees learn about new products at the same time consumers do!

On the more open door side, take a look at this Forbes profile of 10 Leaders (and Companies) Who Aren't Afraid to Be Transparent. (Note: Most of these companies aren't giving away proprietary secrets, either.)

Something to think about as you think about your next move?