Very few things in life cause as much stress as the job search process—from constantly being on the lookout for new opportunities to studying for anxiety-ridden interviews to waiting for employers' responses. It is necessary to first take control of the internal dynamics that result from this process by managing your stress levels through positive influences. Taking advantage of stress relieving strategies and creating your own stress reduction program will not only help you to maintain your peace but will also give you the confidence necessary to better position yourself to attack the job market.

Check out Arianna Huffington's "Turn the Page on Stress: Tapping into the De-Stressing Potential of Books and Storytelling" to learn about the power of reading, writing, and storytelling as interesting, fun, and stress-relieving activities. These activities not only promote stress relief but also provide a powerful vehicle of self reflection, a necessary step during any job search. Although stress during the job search process is inevitable and difficult to eliminate, you have to power to take numerous constructive and positive steps in order to control this stress and to turn it into an opportunity to learn about yourself.