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The Twitter for Job Search Guide is Here (Celebrate with Us!)

I'm delighted to announce that theTwitter Job Search Guide rolled off the presses on March 1, and is now available through Amazon, book stores, and other news outlets.



On Monday, March 15, at 6:00 pm, my co-author Deb Dib and I will host a formal launch for the book at El Rio Grande (38th and 3rd) in Manhattan. New York's original "Gossip Girl" Liz Smith recommends that you stop by, and we'd love to see you. Come as you are!

Deb, Susan Whitcomb, and I wrote this book for job seekers, and our launch party is no exception: the event is designed to facilitate networking for job seekers and provide "tweet tips" for attendees.

If you're not on Twitter yet--or have no intention of using Twitter to find a job--that's okay. But consider these stats: 

  • Over 500,000 jobs are posted through TweetMyJobs a month. Through TweetMyJobs, you can specify your job interests and location preferences and have results sent directly to your cell phone.
  • As posting jobs on Twitter is very low cost for employers in comparison with other job boards and posting services, an increasing number of employers are "tweeting" jobs. In addition, many recruiters and hiring managers maintain an active presence on Twitter to build relationships and scout for new talent.
  •, one of my favorite aggregators and job boards, named Twitter the #1 fastest-growing opportunity for employment in 2009.

Check out the book and thanks for your support!

To your success,

Decision 2008 (Yours to Move Forward)

I am pleased to announce that I have been invited to participate in Job Action Day, a pre-election event hosted by The purpose of the event is a "call to action" for job seekers by sharing resources written and recommended by career experts.

Here's a link to more information about the event (as well as tips provided):

Lindsey Pollak, my colleague, friend and author of College to Career, recommends taking one small step each day to further your career. This week--I challenge you to do the same; for seven days put your job search in the same must-do list as brushing your teeth. Keep a list of what you do, and watch what happens next...

Contact me and let me know what you've done and how you've seen progress. Any strategies you recommend or don't recommend for other job seekers?

To your success,