CAREER TIP: CREATE AN ORGANIZATION LIST! Searching for an internship? Looking for a job? Trying to transition into a new field?

Be creative about the internship and job search process. You should always search through the databases that Career Services has, but also consider what organizations that you are interested in. Many internships and positions are not posted, so creating a list with organizations that pique your interest can be wholly beneficial when those opportunities eventually become available.

In addition, as a Dartmouth student you have access to the Dartmouth Career Network that has contact information of thousands of alumni who are willing to give you more information about the organization, their career path, the industry, and perhaps let you know about certain internships or jobs that you should be looking for.

If interested in learning how to utilize the Dartmouth Career Network effectively, feel free to visit us during Drop-In hours, Monday-Friday from 1:30 - 4 PM (last sign-up at 3:45).