CAREER BLITZ:  Education

  1. The Praxis Series™
  2.  School Spring
  3. Citizen Schools
  4. MATCH Teacher Residency
  5. Southern Teachers Agency  (728 job vacancies & counting)
  6. Weston Preparatory Position:  Head Teacher  (DEADLINE:  ASAP)
  7. Beauvoir National Cathedral Elementary School (DEADLINE:  ASAP)
  8. Emma Willard School (DEADLINE:  ASAP)
  9. Concord Academy (DEADLINE:  ASAP)
  10. Greenhill School (DEADLINE:  ASAP)
  11. Greenwich County Day School (DEADLINE:  ASAP)

1. The Praxis Series™ tests are taken by individuals entering the teaching profession as part of the certification process required by many states and professional licensing organizations. Do you require the Praxis to be employed?  Check out: 

2. School Spring – one of the best places to find employment associated with education. 

3. Citizen Schools is an Educational Reform non-profit that partners with middle schools to expand the learning day for children in low-income communities across the country.  Check out opportunities at: 

4. MATCH Teacher Residency – a highly innovative, one-year teacher residency program.  For more information on MATCH Community Day, look at:  or go to the website:   

5. Southern Teachers Agency currently has 728 vacancies listed by schools for the 2012-13 school year.  Schools will continue to post addition openings as the year progresses. 

6. Weston Preparatory Position:  Head Teacher (July 2012-13) AP Calculus, Micro/Macro and English Literature.  *Email a resume (including GPA, AP results, SAT and/or ACT scores), cover letter and unofficial transcript to Christina Drill at; check out Weston Preparatory for other opportunities:   DEADLINE:  ASAP.

7. Beauvoir National Cathedral Elementary School – Associate Teacher Program (1-2 years) (DC):  A mentored teaching program of guided work in the classroom, instructional immersion, professional development, and exposure to the theories and methods of early childhood education.  DEADLINE:  ASAP. 

8. Emma Willard School – Math & Science Teaching Fellowship (1 year – Troy, NY):  includes teaching, coaching and dormitory duties.  Earn a Master’s degree at nearby Union College or Skidmore College – includes full payment for graduate school tuition and expenses, room and board, and a stipend.  DEADLINE:  ASAP. 

9. Concord Academy – Wilcox Fellows Program (Diversity) (Concord, MA):  seeking to nourish teaching talent from underrepresented populations.  Work closely with a mentor, teach two classes each semester, informally advise students and serve on faculty committees.  Coaching opportunities available, but they are not mandatory.   DEADLINE:  ASAP. 

10. Greenhill School – Carter Fellowship Program (1 Year) (Addison, TX):  Teaching and administrative experiences – six fellows in the pre-kindergarten/kindergarten and four fellows in grades 1 – 4.  DEADLINE:  ASAP 

11. Greenwich County Day School – Co-Teacher Program (1 Year) ( Greenwich, CT).  Co-teaching children in grades N-9.  Participants work with children in after-school settings in addition to assisting with teaching duties.  DEADLINE:  ASAP

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