Stress is no stranger to college campuses and to most undergraduate job seekers--especially in a tightCampus_calmjob market.

If you've ever lost sleep over a B-minus on your Economics mid-term, considered a "snow day" as a bonus study day, or found yourself thinking that the lack of a summer internship translates into no hope for full-time offers...then you've got to meet "recovering" perfectionist Maria Pascucci.

A first generation college student, Maria completed her undergraduate degree with flying colors and graduated summa cum laude. She then took a step back and realized she felt completely


After soul-searching, yoga, and counseling, Maria found her way back and has now created a career she loves: she provides resources, advice and concrete strategies through her website and book, Campus Calm University.

Stressed? Visit Maria's website and download her free kit to combat campus stress. Then pick up her book and get a "10-step Blueprint to Stop Stressing and Create a Happy and Purposeful Life" as Maria and friends advise you on strategies from ditching your inner perfectionist and "should dos" to finding out what you really like to learn and uncovering your hidden (PG) passions.

This book has a permanent place on my "recommended list;" place it next to your "must reads" for nights when you can't sleep. It's as calming as a cup of peppermint tea or an extension on the term paper due tomorrow morning...

To Your Success,