Houston, TXEnergy Industry

Please provide a two sentence description of what you do.

I am a commercial project manager, responsible for alexis_jhambthe commercialization of all products (oil, gas, natural gas liquids) from new onshore developments. I also frequently work on joint ventures with partner oil producing companies.

What is most satisfying about your current work?

The ability to make a tangible impact on the domestic energy independence story for the US. The energy industry is constantly changing and the work I do is never the same from day to day-- it keeps things very interesting for me!

What's the best way to enter your field? Any essential elements of preparation?

Having an engineering degree is helpful (without one, I entered with an MBA). Chevron and other majors have structured recruiting programs post-college, and these allow you to get onto a quicker track than others. Reach out to alums who can guide you through the process.

What advice would you give to others seeking opportunities in this field?

Be persistent, and know that having a strong network can propel you into exciting roles. Don't be afraid to take a job/role that you think you are overqualified for-- chances are others will notice this also, but recognize your ability to step in where there is a need.

How has Dartmouth supported you in your career development?

The opportunities to study and work overseas (Beijing FSP, and then work in Taiwan during an off-term) remain those that were quite helpful to my career progression, as I later worked as a negotiator in Shanghai, using those language skills.