Interning in the United States Senate is a great opportunity for young people to get experience working in a busy U.S. Senate Office. Interns in Senator Shaheen’s office will be able to take part in a wide variety of activities in the legislative, administrative and communications departments of the office. The program seeks to provide participants with the skills necessary to embark on a career in politics or public policy. Many of the duties of interns in the office will focus on providing administrative and policy-based support for the rest of the staff. In addition, all participants are encouraged to take advantage of the many resources available to Senate staff, such as committee hearings, lectures and more.

Frequently asked questions:

Why would I want to be an intern? Interning in a working Senate office is a great opportunity for students to learn about the workings of the Federal government. Interns get to witness the legislative process, work with a communications staff and see what goes into running the office of a United States senator. These experiences are a valuable foundation for careers in public policy, politics or the private sector.

Is the internship paid? No, the internship is not paid. However, financial support from your educational institution may be available, but care must be taken to comply with Senate rules regarding potential conflicts of interest.

When are internships available? Internships run in three cycles coinciding with academic semesters (Spring, Summer, Fall)

Will I be able to receive college credit for this internship? Receiving college credit for your internship is dependent upon your school’s requirements; you should work with your school to get details on how to receive credit.

What does an intern in Senator Shaheen’s office do? Interns perform a variety of functions in Senator Shaheen’s office including, but not limited to, administrative support for staffers, answering constituent mail and phone calls, and helping staff with policy-based projects.

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