One of the job seekers I know and think the world of applied for her dream job several months ago. Based on  the job description and what she could learn of the organization, it wasn't only an ideal role from her perspective: She also had the skills and experience the employer requested. A perfect match--or so it seemed.

Only she never heard from them. Ever. 

How did she feel? I don't even need to tell you. 1909249179_ef653964d4_m

She followed up with an e-mail. And she learned why they didn't contact her--and wouldn't be: The organization she applied to put the search on hold.

The reason she wasn't interviewed had nothing to do with her. It was outside her locus of control. And if she hadn't followed up with them, she would never have known it. She could have spent months with her head down thinking, "they're just not into me." Or days stuck inside her head thinking negative thoughts.

How often do you let the job search process go like that for you? And if you follow up with an e-mail and it doesn't break your way, what's your coping strategy? I'll share a suggestion or two in my next post.

To Your Success,

Photo by MargoLove