Do you have a wide circle of friends, colleagues, and peers but only want to share everything about your job search with a hand-picked inner "circle of trust"?

Enter StartWire, Startwire
a new private online community.
StartWire is a platform that allows you to accelerate your job search through social collaboration with a trusted network of friends, colleagues, and experts.

StartWire is free for job seekers and is currently in open beta. Through StartWire, you can

  •  Quickly and easily create updates on where you’ve applied, the status of your applications, and the companies & jobs you like.
  • Share these updates with a trusted network of colleagues and friends from your address book (You can also import contacts through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Gmail)
  • Get advice, targeted jobs, and networking recommendations from StartWire experts based on your actual job search activity.
  • Quickly identify which of 7,000+ job boards you should post your resume on -- and post it with a click. (Yes, employers and recruiters till search for candidates this way)
  • Ask for advice on your job search

The beta version of StartWire launches today, here are early reviews from Human Resource Executives Online and the recruiting community online. (My favorite features of StartWire include the ability to ask any question on job search, tools for recording your job search activity, and the "auto" update that goes out to your network on a regular basis--thus eliminating the need to remember to e-mail, phone or text your friends whenever you need to keep them in the loop.)

I've been working as a consultant for StartWire since early December. I first learned of their work through one of my own trusted colleagues, Monica Wilson, acting Co-Director of Career Services at Dartmouth College. When I learned more, I was intrigued. StartWire was created by Chris Forman and Tim McKegney, the former CEO and Executive Vice President of AIRS--a recruiting technology training company that has designed products used by 70% of the Fortune 500. I signed on to help with the launch. 

If you're actively looking for a job or want a new tool to manage your own career, sign up through the StartWire website. Take a look around and let me know what you think!

To Your Success,


P.S. If you are a career coach, work in the career management industry or want to help a job seekers in your life, stop by the StartWire website and watch the video to learn more. If you'd like to learn more about how you can use it with your clients, contact us.