As I write this, nearly a million people are gathered less than three miles from where I live. They've shut off the streets so that more can't come in. Many of those who've gathered have braved icy streets, dug cars out of snow banks, and set aside their lack of enjoyment of crowds.

Tonight is New Year's Eve, and I'm talking about Times Square. The news today is inundated with reports of what happened over the last 364 days and with prognostications of what's likely to happen over the next 365.

New Year's is a time of promise and of hope. Collectively, we look forward to skinnier, richer versions of ourselves. According to a recent Manpower survey, most of America will also be seeking new jobs in 2011.

Several months ago, I heard Susan Guarneri reveal a fascinating job search statistic that no one talks about enough.


How do we get from not happy to happy? Is a job offer enough?

I don't think so. I'm of the opinion that it's all about finding the right job. The one that comes with work you enjoy, colleagues you like, and enough shut-eye.

If perennial statistics hold true, a majority of those who resolve to lose weight--won't. A majority of those who want to land a better job, won't find one they love.

The right job doesn't come easy. Like dating, it's a process of mutual selection: First, you figure out what you want--and then you figure out if the opportunities that are presented to you will work. And sometimes you don't get to decide if it will work or not. As the Rolling Stones say "You can't always get what you want."

But in the job search, there's a lot you can do to help you get what you want. On Tuesday, I'll share thoughts and tools on what you can do in 2011. Till then, think about it--how much time are you willing to commit to your search? How much are you are willing to commit to be happy?