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Earlier this year, I signed on to be's New Grad expert. At the time, my goal was to develop original content for Job-Hunt and to continue to write more fresh, new content for this site and for my other blog, Best Fit Forward.

But as the weeks went on, there was a lot of blogging to be done. I also write for Career Hub, participate in the Career Collective, and contribute to a blog for the Twitter Job Search Guide. Over the course of the year, I've also written an e-book on CV writing for physicians and written for eFinancialCareers.

I've given advice on the importance of keeping things simple for job search, so it's time for me to take a bit of my own advice.

Come visit me at for recent grad advice and stop by Best Fit Forward for the new stuff. If you want to say hi, shoot me an e-mail. Or, better, yet send me an @reply message on Twitter.

Thanks for reading and with all good wishes for your success,

Chandlee Bryan
December 31, 2010

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