City Island is a movie that came and went--fast. I probably would have missed it altogether if it hadn't been City_islandone of the few "On Demand" films available at a friend's house. I'm glad my friends and I discovered it.

This story of a family and the secrets that they each keep from one another is part drama, part comedy, and a semi-Greek tragedy. I recommend it.

One of the most painful aspects of this movie to me centered around career choice--and the lengths that individuals will go to in order to hide their interests or vocations. A father lies about an acting class and tells his wife he's going to play poker. A daughter turns to exotic dancing in order to earn tuition money after losing her college scholarship. Pride and fear of family feedback leads to extreme measures, misunderstandings and damaged relationships. Check out the preview


While most people I know don't actively hide their professions or interests as dramatically as the characters in City Island do, I talk to a lot of people who have career dreams hidden beneath the surface--and who are in a state of what my friend and colleague Phyllis Mufson calls exhausted possibility. In a market with high unemployment rates, it's easy to settle for a job search to achieve what you had before--even if you didn't like it. 

But, if you have the opportunity to explore other interests, industries, and organizations--why not take the time to identify your optimal situation? At Best Fit Forward, we reverse engineer the job search process by starting with an assessment of the work environment that aligns best with your own personal communication style. We do this because how and who you work with can be just as important as what you do.

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