As I have mentioned previously on this blog, I am a member of Career Collective, an online community of career professionals who share multiple takes on a common theme each month. June’s focus: How to heat up your job search this summer.

I’m beginning this post with a confession: I have a seasonal summer disorder. If I could spend 12 weeks a year working from a porch, swimming in lakes, and swinging by farmer’s markets Watermelon_slice and eating vanilla ice cream with strawberry rhubarb sauce, I would. When Twitter and LinkedIn announced a partnership last fall, it was said that they go together like “peanut butter and chocolate.” For those of us who share a common love of flip flops, fresh tomatoes, and barbecues—sometimes the summer isn’t quite as compatible with job search.

This post is for those of you who share my affinity towards summer. Here are three ways you can continue to move your job search forward without sacrificing your time outside:

  1. MeetUp and Network! Attend social and recreation gatherings and mix and mingle. If you don’t belong to yet, check out the site and evaluate potential interests groups to join. (I run the NYC Job Seekers MeetUp in Manhattan.) There are many job seekers groups across U.S. cities, but there are even more interest groups related to personal interests, sports, and professional fields. The NY Tech MeetUp has over 13,000 members, and a monthly meeting after party filled with entrepreneurs, start-up employees, and tech industry leaders. I also enjoy the #140 meetup run by Jeff Pulver.
  2. It’s no longer location, location, location. It’s Geolocation, and it’s getting big. Through start-ups such as FourSquare, Gypsii, and Gowalla—you can stay in touch with your friends and networking contacts and meetup spontaneously. Flight delayed at the airport? Check in and see if you have any friends nearby. My prediction: We’ll soon be able to find great seat buddies for Southwest airlines flights with a quick interest scan via cell phone and geo apps…
  3. You don't have to stay home and search. Get listings sent to you via SMS. Through, you can sign up to have jobs that match your location, industry, and job type, sent to you via text message. You can also upload your resume so that employers can see it. During the time I’ve been writing this post over 3,723 jobs have been sent out. What are you waiting for?

For more suggestions on heating up your job search, see take-aways and suggestions from my Career Collective Colleagues. (You can follow them on Twitter using their "handles" listed below; mine is @chandlee)