You may notice that I haven't posted many items to my blog recently. It's not for lack of interest or that I'm running out of things to say. I really miss working on the blog and receiving your feedback! It is one of my favorite activities, and I'll return to active posting in early December.

In the interim, I've had some great adventures that I can't wait to share with you. In late October, I joined the cast of characters at Jeff Pulvers, 140 Conference on Twitter in Los Angeles. I learned how celebrity pundits, lawyers, educators, comedians, and even police forces are using Twitter.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with Mark Stelzner, founder of Job Angels, an incredible movement to help get the American workforce back on its feet--through one "pay it forward" favor at a time.

I'm gathering all of these experiences and writing them down. And I'm pleased to announce the impending publication of my first book, The Twitter Job Search Guide, to be published by JIST Publishing in March 2010. My co-authors are Susan Whitcomb (@susanwhitcomb), author of seven career books including Resume Magic and Deb Dib (@CEOCoach), an executive coach and brilliant writer who specializes in online positioning and career branding.  Our work is being enhanced by the expertise of dozens of career experts--from coaches and resume experts to recruiters and job search rockstars. We're looking forward to sharing the book with you.

We're having a wonderful time working on the  book, but I'm looking forward to picking back up with all of you in early December when I have more time to add fresh content to this blog.

In the interim, please stay in touch!

Wishing you every success for your job search,