If you're like mRocket_sciencee, you'll end up working in jobs you never dreamed you'd have. I was an English major in college, but spent my first three years after graduation working with rocket scientists. I worked in membership development and communications for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (A-I-Double-A). Would you believe it was actually my job to help them communicate with one another?

As often happens, I learned a great deal from the aerospace engineers and volunteers with whom I worked. In honor of this week's anniversary of "man on the moon," here's a post of thanksgiving and gratitude in honor of my former employer who taught me the value of professional associations, and my aerospace friends who taught me that "no one person is smart enough to be an independent rocket scientist" but that a team of rocket scientists in Reno can help you improve your midnight bowling skills. 

You can read the full post on my other blog, Best Fit Forward.

In case you've long harbored an interest or curiosity for working in space, here's a video series featuring prominent and emerging professionals in aerospace answering the question, "When did you know you wanted to work in aerospace?" As you'll find, "For some it was a specific moment, for others it was a gradual realization that space and flight had captured their imagination and wouldn’t let go."

When did you first know what you wanted to do? And how can I help you get there?