Several weeks ago, I wrote a post about Keith Ferrazzi's great new book, "Who Knows You Back." The book and accompanying Green Light social networking community provide a wonderful paradigm for getting the support you need to accomplish big goals. (Tip: You don't just need mentors, you also need lifelines.) It's on my list of must reads for 2009.Photo by John Bryan

Today, I celebrate a milestone in my own career: it's been exactly one year since I left my day job. It's been an incredible journey, and I'm grateful to many. I could not have done it without the support of so many people who've had my back...And with that a special shout-out to the following:

The Career Management Alliance (for connecting me with fellow "careerists" and best practices)
My friends and colleagues at Career Services, University of Pennsylvania & Dartmouth College
The Robin Randall Group, Michael Garza
The Microsoft Office Live team
My fellow bloggers at Career Hub and the Many Career Minds Twitter Community
Kathy Hansen at Quint Careers

My peers, especially Miriam Salpeter, Donna Sweidan, Liz Rubin, Barbara Safani, Laura Allen, Jason Alba, Lindsey Pollak, Lauren Hasson, and Alexandra Levit
My mentors, especially Deb Dib, Peggy Curchack, Phyllis Shabad
My "lifelines," including Carolyn Sprague, Lindsay Doering, Chrissy Jisha, and Anne Janeway
My guest bloggers, including Kelly Giles, David Heiser, and Bobby Hoppey
Other career folks who inspire me, including Susan Whitcomb, Wendy Enelow, Elizabeth Craig, Walter Akana, and Marci Alboher.
My friends at Symphony Space
The Ladies Who Launch, with special thanks to Alexis Stack, Meg Levine, and Josephine Geraci

My clients, and the NYC Job Seekers MeetUp group

And my friends and family (you know who you are--from the "real McCoys" to those who really would "rather be in Philadelphia.")

If you think your own dreams elusive, consider this: I've met 80% of the people mentioned above since I started this journey in January 2008. There are some wonderful and generous people who work in my world, and I've been blessed to have so many of them "have my back." Thank you!

Namaste, ya'll!