Working in the wrong job can be exhausting.

We can help you find a better fit.

Best Fit Forward is a boutique provider of career management services.
We work with clients ranging in age from 18 to 73, and provide assistance across the hiring life cycle—from assessing interests and identifying your ideal job to helping you position your skills to meet market needs. We partner with our clients to build and create powerful resumes, cover letters and online profiles.
Best Fit Forward’s Founder, Chandlee Bryan, has over a dozen years of experience in the employment industry. She’s worked in Career Services at Ivy League schools, served as a Resume Specialist and consultant to Microsoft and worked on the other side of the hiring desk as a recruiter. She also recently wrote her first book, the Twitter Job Search Guide, with career industry leaders Deb Dib and Susan Britton Whitcomb, author of Resume Magic.

In today’s market, employers spend an average of less than 15 seconds scanning your reume; many companies use scanning software that ranks your relevance for a job before your resume is even viewed by human eyes.

We help you ensure that your resume gets a second look, and take the extra step of making sure that your web presence supports your case as well. Did you know that 90% of recruiters admit to conducting online web research on candidates prior to hiring? How can we help you optimize your career and land in a position you love? Browse our website, download our free e-book, and contact us to get started…