Manycareerminds Recently, I announced a new initiative on Twitter: I created March Career Madness to provide job seekers with an international round-up of career advice from coaches, recruiters and thought leaders. As an added bonus, March Career Madness was also developed as a teaching tool--so that novices to Twitter could learn how to "tweet."

March Career Madness ran during the NCAA tournament. As the job search continues for many, and the participants enjoyed collaborating with one another, we've decided to keep going under a new name: Many Career Minds. At right, here are the "many minds" you'll find if you visit Twitter Search and do a keyword search under  "#mcm"

Note: You don't need to join Twitter to view the search results, but you can click here for a quick tutorial.

Recently, several great sites with job leads have emerged over Twitter, including this gem that allows you to search for jobs by keyword. Stay tuned to #mcm for more such tips. Regardless of whether you decide to "tweet or not to tweet," I hope you'll join me in thanking the "Many Career Minds" who've shared--and continue to share their expertise.

To your success,