I'm a big proponent of Twitter, but a lot of people I know aren't. I think of Twitter as a dance: To build a community on Twitter for your job search, you need to strike a delicate balance between professional and personal. It isn't for everyone, especially given that it can take time and energy to build a community--and there are great options offline for networking as well.Twitter

Here are three Twitter-based sources of job search help which do not require your active participation on Twitter. In fact, you can use two of these resources without even subscribing to Twitter (see *asterisk).

1. Find Jobs by Industry and Sector*

Workhound has a directory of jobs posted on Twitter by feed. You can follow jobs through this website, or subscribe to individual feeds on Twitter:


2. Help A Friend, Help Yourself: Each one, Reach One Campaign

Job Angels is a campaign where you recommend one person on Twitter that needs job help (you can also ask a friend or member of this MeetUp to nominate you). For more information, check out the Job Angels website.

To find Job Angels on Twitter

3.  Aggregated Career Advice

March Career Madness is a round-up of career advice from over 25 career coaches, recruiters and thought leaders. I initiated this event in March 2009 but we will continue long after the NCAA tournament is over.

To see "tip stream":

Twitter Search Engine
 (search #mcm)

Need advice on how to get started with Twitter? See my earlier post on March Career Madness for a basic tutorial and resources on how to begin.