This Webby-award video was produced before the real estate crash and the economic downturn--there hasn't been too much news about the state of this bubble in recent months....
From my perspective as a resume writer and career coach, this "bubble" offers you great tools for your job search: Through social media applications such as LinkedIn, blogs, and Twitter, you can build your network, research and write about new developments in your field, and increase your visibility in the job search. After all, the most recent stats I've seen say that 77% of recruiters "Google" candidates: Why not control how you are being checked out?
It's not an appropriate job search strategy for all careers (i.e. if you are considering a career that involves security clearance of any kind, you probably want to abstain from blogging), but it could work for you--especially given that some career experts and employers predict the eventual demise of the resume.
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