My services are an extension of my philosophy.


I help you design customized materials so that you can stand out in the applicant pool, while demonstrating an understanding--and fit--with the culture in which you wish to work.

I offer several different levels of service which are designed to meet your needs--and your wallet.


The job search process is a lot like speed dating with the intention of finding someone to move in with: courtship is short, and the stakes are high when you accept an early offer.

Your chances of success increase if you know what you are looking for at the outset--especially if you can articulate your strengths and preferred working environment. I can help you identify and explore potential opportunities that align with your skills and interests. To this end, I offer the DISC assessment, a suite of behavioral instruments designed to help isolate, identify and describe your work style preferences, including natural and adapted workstyles.

Prices for DISC assessment and interpretation begin at $250.


Many job seekers find that the most challenging part of the employment process is getting started with resumes and cover letters. As a certified professional resume writer, I enjoy the process and love to share my formula for writing cover letters that work.

I offer clients two options for work together.

  1. I work side-by-side with you to help you develop documents, providing you with suggested templates, a headstart, and feedback throughout the draft process, or

  2. I take a more comprehensive approach and do the heavy-lifting for you, following in-depth interviews and assessment. (We frequently use the DISC assessment so that we can write in "your voice.")

Prices are contingent on the extent of the project work involved, estimates provided upon request. We offer packages on an hourly basis and a "flat fee" scale. Assistance with interviewing preparation and electronic portfolio development is also available.


Developing a strong, digitally distinct online presence is of paramount importance in today's tight job market--and can help you "stand out" in the applicant pool. How you present yourself online can make the difference between a job offer and an offer rescinded.

Have you "Googled" yourself lately? If not, you may want to consider it: According to an ExecuNet survey, over 77% of executive recruiters say they "Google" or use other forms of Internet research on potential candidates--35% say they've decided not to hire based on what they've found.

Our personal branding services are designed to help you monitor your online presence while putting forward materials that showcase your strengths within the context of your career goals.

Services include development and maintenance of LinkedIn profiles, education and set-up of automated research agents, and online strategy.

Fees are contingent on level of service requested.


Our hourly rates begin at $125, a discounted rate is available for multi-session packages. Popular packages include:


Are you fairly confident--but interested in another set of eyes?

We offer resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile critiques. We'll mark your documents up, make comments, and suggest changes for revisions, and review your drafts.


Too busy with your current job to focus on a new one? Or simply don't know where to begin?

We can coach you through the entire process--from exploring your options and reviewing job descriptions to resume, cover letter development, online presence and interviewing strategy. The "Whole Package" frequently includes additional assessment work.

Contact us for a free 15-minute appointment and price quote.