Are you a rising star in a particular field?

Or do you feel quite certain that you could be a leader since you have the intelligence, curiosity and drive to succeed?

Do you sometimes feel like you know the position that you want—but need a road map and a little support to obtain it?

Ordo you know that you want to pursue your interests—but have no idea if a job that combines what you enjoy doing and your strengths exists?

If this is you—welcome!

I can help you


Since 1998, I have provided hundreds of emerging professionals and Ivy League students with career assistance—and I now provide a select group of clients with individual attention and customized services.

Working side-by-side with you, I can help you find a great fit between your interests and the career opportunities that allow you to leverage your natural strengths.


The job search process is one of mutual selection— just because you’re picked for a particular team, doesn’t mean that it’s the best team for you: you need to find a coach (“aka” supervisor) whose style works well with your own, and who values what you bring while helping you grow into roles of greater responsibility. I help you identify the type of teams and coaches that will fit for you—and teach you tricks so that you can check out your prospective team when the spotlight is on you. After all, a job search is not unlike searching for a roommate or a date: you have a finite amount of time to make a decision, and limited access to information during the process. I'm with you every step of the way.


There is more than one perfect job for you, and that there are more opportunities beyond the job listings you hear about from your friends or see posted online. I help you explore your options, set you up to play the field, and do everything I can to help you land in a position that allows you to use your strongest skills and interests to the benefit of your team.

We use a process to make this happen. Through the process, I will provide you with intensive exercises and coaching, an insider’s perspective on recruiting practices, and a structured process of assessment and dialogue that results in the creation of job search materials and an interviewing approach. This helps you highlight what you offer within the context of what an employer needs.


In the media field, the difference between television and new forms of communication is often described as "lean back" versus "lean in": TV is generally considered to be a "lean back" experience as it requires little participation from the viewer (watching sports may be the exception to this rule for some), "lean in" media applications (from video games and cell phone applications to social networking) require your active participation in order to function properly.

I take a "lean in" approach to my work: If you prefer TV to Facebook, multiple choice to essay writing, and reading reports to research, this may not be for you. 

From my perspective, the most effective job seekers are not spectators: they are players who enter the game after determining which teams and positions work best for them, assessing the competition, and refining their own unique approach that plays well on center field—but utilizes their own style.  I can help you do this.


Are you game?

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