Recently released results of their annual survey on New Year's Resolutions. The findings: fewer people will make job or career-related resolutions in 2009.

Could it be that  "The Year of Living Gloomily" has led to a sense of hopelessness? Are you thinking "I won't find a job if I look, so I might as well not go there..."

Resist the temptation to be an ostrich and dig your head in the sand. When people stay out of the game, there's a silver lining: less competition!

I dare you to look for a job anyway. You can get started with a single question designed for the times: 

What do employers most need and how can I provide it? 

Craft your application and skill development around the answer to this challenge and you'll improve your chances of landing a new position.

Here's a free e-book on Resolutions that Work from Serge Prengel at Proactive to help jumpstart your resolve.

Cheers and best wishes for a successful 2009,