Today, I am participating in Job Action Day, a pre-election event hosted by The purpose of the event is a "call to action" for job seekers by sharing resources written and recommended by career experts.

You can read about the event--and see tips provided--here:

I once read some intriguing statistics on the correlation between self improvement initiatives and personal happiness. According to the data, Americans often take on self-improvement projects in order to feel better about themselves and to feel less isolated from others. The challenge: many self-improvement projects are often done independently and without the support of others. As a result, it can be easier to give up on your cause and to feel even lonelier. Having team support is one reason why programs such as Weight Watchers, Team in Training, and Boot Camp Classes at the gym tend to have higher success rates than going it alone...

For these reasons, I challenge you to find an accountability partner to pair up with during the course of your own job search--or join in a national effort like Job Action Day. Working with others can help you stay motivated--and help you feel more connected in the process as you make Job Action Day transition into Job Action Month!

Contact me and let me know what you've done and how you've seen progress. Any strategies you recommend or don't recommend for other job seekers?

To your success,

P.S. If you are reading this, Job Action Day is long over...if you need help getting started, contact me.