Interested in exploring new opportunities but feeling guilty due to Score_gig_5employment declines from Wall Street to Main Street? Are you wondering if the sky is falling—and if your employment prospects are tumbling after? Do you dare disturb the universe by imagining what could be—if only you knew what it was?

Pull yourself out of the "gloom and doom" scenarios with Alexandra Levit’s book How Did You Score That Gig? This easy reading provides you with a quick strategy to choose your own adventure—as well as practical advice from others who have done it before.

Don’t have time for reading a lengthy book? No worries. Ms. Levit's designed this book so you can start at the most relevant parts--honest! Here's how it works: Take a 20-question quiz at the beginning of the book and your results will fall in one or two out of seven personality categories: are you an adventurer, a creator, a data head, an entrepreneur, an investigator, a networker, or a nurturer?

Flip to the category that suits you best and read up on the positions that may align with your personality style; Ms. Levit presents 60 “hot jobs” determined by an online survey of 20’s and 30's somethings. From actor and fashion designer (“creator”) to art curator and criminologist (“investigator”), she profiles successful executives in each category, and presents career trajectories and tips for breaking into the field.

Restless or determining a non-fit? Move onto another section and explore the alternatives.

Whether you’re looking for a new opportunity and not sure what you’d like to do, or if you’ve identified where you want to go but don’t know how to get there—this is a great way to jump-start your search. Packed with resources, career tips and insider insights, it’s easy to use. (So simple, in fact, that I recommend this format to the folks over at the Department of Labor who produce the Occupational Outlook Handbook--they'd be well advised to take a lead from Ms. Leavit in the next biennial redesign.)

For more information, check out How Did You Score That Gig? and the author’s Water Cooler Wisdom blog.

By Chandlee Bryan, Cross Posted at the Career Hub.