If you've ever stopped yourself from applying for a new position because you're missing a tech skill or two on the list of requirements, here's one suggested fix:

The site that allows you to watch Tina Fey imitate Sarah Palin, music videos, and pet tricks is also used by technical trainers...

Many years ago, I was proficient at Macromedia Dreamweaver--a website development and management application which I learned and used with ease. Three months ago, I bought the latest version, Adobe Dreamweaver (CS3) and found it not-so-easy.

Enter YouTube--home of 480 tutorial videos on Dreamweaver CS3. I found several of them much more comprehensive and easy to understand than the tutorials supplied by Adobe. 

Bottom line: If you don't have a required skill, consider jumping online and taking a crash course tutorial. Take notes and practice prior to the interview than list "familiar with [application]" on your resume...If you've completed the tutorials, you'll have a few tricks under your belt and will indeed be "familiar" with the new application.

To your success,