In my last post, I provide three strategies to use Facebook in strengthening your online presence. Here is one quick tip to increase your online presence--and simultaneously move less relevant information down in your search results: when you find information online that you like and which is pertinent to career trends or your interests--DIGG it.

Digg is a social networking tool that helps you stay informed, and track updates in your area of interest. (You can also use it to prepare for job interviews and networking opps.)

If you're the first to spot a piece, you can "DIGG it" by tagging it and adding your own analysis, you can also vote for articles that you think are important. This is a great way to share insights and your take on the news.

Depending on how you set your security settings, your DIGG can be picked up in Internet searches. If you make insightful comments on pieces that are relevant to your field or industry--it may impress that employer who is doing a "Google search" on you. And given that an estimated, 80% of employers are looking for you online, I think it pays to feed them good stuff. (Note: If you choose to pursue this tack, ask yourself WWAET* as you post).

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*What Would an Employer Think