One of the quickest ways to make a strong first impression is to prepare a brief soundbite on your interests and career goals that you can use with potential employers and in networking. While it is perfectly normal to want to explore your career options, you'll want to look focused when talking to hiring decision makers...

With that in mind, I frequently recommend that individuals prepare a short soundbite that can be used to explore potential opportunities (as well as to help you prepare for interviews).

Here are recommended resources:

1. This site provides a free "Pitch Wizard" that coaches you to develop a focused pitch targeted on the needs of your audience. At the conclusion of the pitch, your pitch will be placed on a template of a business card--if it doesn't fit, you know you need to condense and refine your message. If it does fit, you can even purchase the cards--and add your picture to increase your chances of "total recall."

2. If you like the cards available through but want more customized materials, check out the "Resume Girl's" Personal Networking Cards. (The Resume Girl, aka Lauren Hasson, and I provide similar resume writing services for private clients, her networking cards are a great add-on).

Kudos to and the Resume Girl for their innovative products that makes your preparation work easier...

To your success!